Developed with the latest Dual-Core Technology

R4i cards with the help of these high capacity memory cards, you can watch the episodes of your favorite TV shows on your handheld console.
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WOW! Micro SD enable your Nintendo DS, DS Lite and now DSi... with an R4 or R4i adapter!

Ingenious adapter means you can watch movies, play music, browse your pictures, read E-Books, transfer files from your computer and much more!So now you really can use your DS / DS Lite / DSi to the max- with just one adapter!

The files can be easily saved to the memory card. First, download the R4 card kernel from the R4i website and save it t the memory card. Just plug it into the memory card reader and connect the device to the computer. After this, you can already access the files through your console. If these instructions are not clear enough for you, you can go to YouTube to watch instructional videos. They are fairly easy to follow, which is why you don’t need a professional’s help to do this.