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If you miss having live competitors while playing your video games, there's good news for you. With DS R4 card you can connect to other players playing in any corner of the world.

All you need to do is choose the multiplayer option. So when you insert the card, several options of playing the games is provided to you. In that one of the option is multiplayer. After you select this option, other player also will have to download the same play application so that it is able to search you and then connect to your DS card. All the players have to download the DS so that they can play together.

This Nintendo DS R4 card can be inserted into any of the Nintendo gaming consoles. These can be bought from any online websites. This R4 card will basically act like an adapter for the micro SD card which will fit into the slot in the R4 and is locked inside it with the help of a spring mechanism. You can easily copy paste files on the micro SD card. Since this card is Wi Fi enabled, you can even download games directly from the internet.

These micro SD card can also be connected to your computer just like a USB storage device. You can easily transfer all the data from your computer to your gaming console. This card is rewritable so you can now delete old files and put new ones in it.

The best part is that these cards are not even very expensive. So, buy it online and get it home delivered.

DS R4 - your total entertainment device

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This DS card is basically an adapter which can fit in a micro SD card with memory up to thirty two GB. This card can be used in various operating systems. You can also use it to transfer games from one gaming console to the other. This device is rewritable and can be used to store games again and again.

These cards can fit into the slot 1 of the Nintendo gaming consoles. You can also use this card to download games from the internet. Now you do not have to connect to a PC to download games. All you have to do is install the firmware that comes with it on your gaming console and start using it.

The best part is that these cards are not very expensive. Buy this multipurpose entertainment device from any R4 showroom or online. Just make sure the dealer is authentic.

  • standart micro SDHC 3DS flash card compatible
  • simple 3DS game backup and firmware update via WiFi
  • universla compatibility with all region consoles and games
  • freeware and commercial DS and DSi roms download
r4sdhc 3ds chip